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Following is information about the Church Raffle.  Also check out the bottom of this page for more raffles, which will be available on the day of the Fair! 


Church Raffle Mailing

This year we have three great prizes:
First Prize: $1,000 Cash
Second Prize: $500 Cash
Third Prize: $250 Cash


In late October or the first week of November, a mailing will be sent to each parishioner with a flyer and 2 books of Church Raffle tickets.  The cost of the raffle tickets is $10.00 for a full book of 6, or $2.00 for an individual ticket.


The Church Raffle Tickets are a coupon book with SIX chances.  On the tickets there is a coupon, which you tear off and keep.  You then complete the chances (which are stapled together). 


You can then bring your chances AND money to the Church Raffle Table at the Fair


You can place the money and chances in an envelope, which must be clearly marked "Church Raffle" and do one of the following: 


  1. Bring the envelope to the Rectory 
  2. Place the envelope in the offertory basket at Mass


REMEMBER:  Extra tickets can be picked up at the Rectory and  Church exits. These tickets can be shared with your family, friends and co-workers. 



More Raffles!

In addition to the Church Raffle, we also have the following raffles:


Baskets Galore Raffles

Children's Baskets Galore (will be set up near Children's Area)

Patriot's Tickets Raffle

Bruins Tickets Raffle

Gift Card Tree (hopefully)

50/50 Raffle

Lottery Ticket Board

Adult Wheel of Fortune (new)

Chilren's Wheel of Goodies (new)











For questions & information Contact:  Fran Kirkman

508-561-9864 or stwmfair@aol.com

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