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The Chirdren's Area has moved from the Parish Center to the MAIN FAIR, which located on the bottom floor of the school building. 


The Children's Area will be located next to the seating for the Snack Bar.


Check out what we have lined up for the Children's Area this year!


  • Santa’s visit from the North Pole: Santa will be making his annual trip to St. William's between 
    10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.  Parents are welcome to take their children's pictures. 
  • Children's Baskets Galore Raffle - we plan to have 10+ theme baskets for children of all ages, which will be part of the Baskets Galore -- but in a separate section close to the Children's Area


  • Wheel of Goodies:  This is a new game where the children can spin the wheel and win a great prize!



For questions & information Contact:  Fran Kirkman

508-561-9864 or

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