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Church Raffle *

This year we are looking to change the Church Raffle changed to an all cash raffle.  We are currently in the process of contact area businesses for donations toward the prizes.


Two new raffles

1.   Instant Win - Restaurant Gift Certificates

2.  Lottery Ticket Board -- Tickets are $5 each.  Take a chance and    
      you may win BIG! 


Traditional Raffles

50/50 Raffle

Patriots Tickets

Bruins or Celtic Tickets - to be announced

Certificate Tree Raffle



*Again this year we will be mailing two books of raffle chances to each family in the parish. We are not expecting families to purchase all  of the tickets, but we hope they will sell the chances to family members, friends and co-workers. Additional books of chances are available at the Rectory or after Masses during at the month of November.  Additional books of raffle tickets are available at the church exits and the Rectory.  Raffle tickets and money can be brought to the Rectory, placed in the collection baskets or brought to the Fair on December 2nd.  Please be sure the money and tickets are in an envelope and marked "Church Raffle".



To volunteer or make a donation, please contact Fran Kirkman at



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