Theme Basket Ideas

In addition to items listed below, we also need GIFT CERTIFICATES to restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, Staples, department stores, home improvement stores, specialty stores.  The gift certificates are used in the baskets and the Gift Certificate Tree raffle.


"Country Christmas"  could include:  christmas decorations, table linens, kitchen towels, dishes, etc. with a country decor

"Ice Cream Social" could include, ice scoop, spoons, sprinkles, ice cream cones, hot fudge, strawberry or carmel sauce, gift certificates to Market Basket or Hannaford (we have ice cream bowls you can use)

"Car Care" could include: car wash, polish, chamois, sponge, towels, tire, rim and window cleaners, paper towels.

"Beach Baby" could include:  pail or cooler to use as a basket, sunscreen, beach towel, blanket, beach ball, toys, frisbee, flip flops, sunglasses, hat/visor

"Elf on a Shelf" could include game board, figurines, floor puzzle, DVD, advent calendar

 "Dog Lover" could include:  same as above for dogs

 "Tool Time"  could include:  hammer, screw drivers, wrenches, gorilla glue, pliers, hand saw, utility life, tool bag.

"Safety First" could include:  fire extinguisher, CO2 detector, smoke detector--some of these items may be pricey, so you could have a first aid kit, band aids, medical ointments, alcohol swabs, etc.

"Green Thumb" could include:  gardening tools, miracle grow, gloves, knee pad, seeds, flower pots.

"Family Cold and Flu Season"  could include items for children and adults, such as Tylenol, thermometer, cold syrup,  

 "Game Night" could include:  games for the family (Monopoly, Apples to Apples, Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land) and popcorn, popcorn bowl

"For the Li'l Ones (toddlers)"  could include: hammer blocks, stacking rings, ball, puzzles, books.

"At The Home Office"  could include:  inkjet paper, stapler, paper clips, post-it notes, pens, markers, desk organizer, tape dispenser, tape, staples, envelopes, paper clips.

"Christmas Decor" could include:  bath items (soap dispenser, towels, rug, etc.) and kitchen items (serving dishes, paper plates, napkins, soap dispenser, dish towels).   Themes: snowman, Santa, penguin, owls, etc.

"Children's Theme" for bedroom, bath, kitchen (dishes, etc).  Themes such as: Thomas the Train, Frozen, Doc McStuffins, Sponge Bob, Spiderman, Dora, Disney characters/princesses

"Boston/NewEngland Sports"  could include anything related.

"Cat Lover"could include:  food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, books about cats, color cat puzzels, mugs, calendars, cards.

"Have a Ball" could include:  different types of balls, i.e. basketball, golf balls, beach ball, tennis balls, etc.

"Pizza Party"  could include:  pizza pan, dough mix, sauce, parmesan cheese, pizza cutter, plates, napkins gift card to pizza shop.

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